You Won’t Believe Who’s Attending Trump’s Inauguration

Donald Trump’s inaugural guest list contains more than a few surprises, especially for the liberal media.

Notably, rumors have been circulating for weeks that none of the living former presidents would be in attendance of the event – a bit of gossip being spread by the liberal media in order to delegitimize the Trump presidency before it even begins.  Now, as new reports begin to surface, it looks as though these leftist news organizations are not only completely wrong, but they’ll also feel a bit betrayed.

“Two months after her election loss, Hillary Clinton plans to be in the crowd for the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

“An aide to the Democratic nominee confirmed Tuesday that she and former president Bill Clinton will attend this month’s ceremony, speaking on condition of anonymity until plans are announced publicly.

“It will be the first joint public appearance by Trump and Hillary Clinton since the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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