You Won’t Believe Which Celebrity Just Discovered Her Grandfather was a Nazi…

Earlier this week, comedian Chelsea Handler opened her loud, obnoxious mouth again to attack our new First Lady of the United States saying that she “barely speaks english.” Although it seems Handler is probably already aware of the fact that Mrs. Trump actually speaks four other languages on top of English, it seems Handler was reaching for something to get her into the spotlight just days before her TLC special, Who Do You Think You Are, is set to air.

In this new episode, Handler, 38, discovers exactly what role her grandfather, Karl Stoecker, played in one of history’s most atrocious genocides.

A historical family photo shows Karl and Elizabeth Stoecker, Handler’s maternal grandparents

She traces his path from Nazi soldier to American immigrant through documents and interviews with sources familiar with her family’s history.

Handler’s story is made all the more compelling by the fact that was she raised Jewish in…



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