YIKES! Lynch Just Refused Congress- ‘I Won’t Answer’

Not really a surprise is it?! Seems like the Obama administration got away with a plethora of shenanigans and yet did any of the congressional committees really make a difference? Did they find anyone guilty? As far as Benghazi, that was a big fat zero. In addition, we all know there was obstruction of justice when former President Bill Clinton met with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on that tarmac during Hillary’s campaign, don’t we? But do you really think either of these Democrats are going to jail? Come on man!

Congressional committees are a joke. All these neanderthals do is lie out their rear ends because there is no real accountability. Unelected bureaucrats are a scourge on our society right now. They are not accountable to voters, they can write thousands of pages of regulations, and they cost tax payers millions and billions of dollars. They are supposed to



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