Yesterday, CNN Analyst Claimed Hillary Health Concerns ‘Sexist.’ Today, CNN Doctor Questions Trump’s Health

So which is it CNN? Is it legitimate, or is it sexist?

Yesterday, The Hill reported the following:

New CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers says questioning Hillary Clinton‘s health has “an element of sexism to it.”

Powers, a former Democratic strategist who just came to CNN following a long stint as a Fox News contributor, told “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota that there’s nothing to indicate the Democratic presidential nominee is not in good health. 

“Honestly, I think there’s an element of sexism to this,” Powers said. “The way that they’ve talked about her, you know, the way you watch Drudge [Report] posting things about granny and grandma. 

Now today, we see CNN’s resident doctor, Sanjay Gupta, questioning Trump’s health. I suppose it’s ok because he’s a man.

Also from The Hill:

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta is casting doubt Donald Trump‘s health, even asking whether the GOP presidential nominee is…



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