WTF? NYC 9/11 MEMORIAL: Security Shuts Down Kids Singing The National Anthem

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Some North Carolina middle school got out of line recently by singing the National Anthem at the New York 9/11 Memorial site.

Luckily, some jack boot thugs, otherwise known as “Security” put a stop to the crazy kids brandishing patriotism like a weapon.

The kids learned a valuable lesson in the downside to an all powerful bureaucratic government. Submission being the central piece to controlling the masses.

What crime did these young patriots commit?

They failed to get a “Permit”!

Yes, that’s right. In New York you need a permit to sing the national anthem. We are so far gone we don’t even know it.

From WXPI News:


A North Carolina middle school choir was ordered to stop singing the national anthem outside the 9/11 memorial in New York Wednesday.

Video of the Waynesville Middle School choir’s New York City performance was posted…



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