WSJ Calls for End to Trump Dossier Nonsense

By the time you finish reading this reporting on the latest issues with the Trump dossier, you may become convinced that there was some collusion. The collusion is not what the dossier attempts to report. The collusion that exists seems to be between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, and the FBI. You can also add to that, the mainstream media who carried the water for all three. That may explain where the WSJ is coming for in trying to call off the entire game. 

As Written and Reported By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge:

There’s no such thing as a coincidence in Washington, so why the sudden, furious effort by Democrats and the media to give cover to the Steele dossier? As in, the sudden, furious effort that happens to coincide with congressional investigators’ finally being given access to FBI records about the Trump-Russia probe.

This scandal’s pivotal day was Jan.



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