WOW! Trump’s approval rating SOARS (incredible!)

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have soared like the economy, and this week he hit his highest approval rating since September.

Despite the mainstream media’s nonstop attacks, Trump’s approval rating is currently comparing favorably to former President Bill Clinton, who averaged 47 percent approval his first two terms in office.

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That’s according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll released Dec. 4, which showed that Trump’s support has jumped remarkably in recent months to 45 percent.

A full 23 percent of voters strongly approve of Trump’s job in office, and a staggering 80 percent of registered Republicans were reportedly happy with their president.

This is even more impressive when weighed against the constant media attacks against the president. Recent studies have proven just how unfairly Trump has been treated by the liberal media. The president is attacked



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