Woman Chess Champion Is Done Playing Games With Iran

The World Chess Tournament is being held in Iran and the women aren’t happy about it. The Iran government is forcing the women contestants to wear hijabs. So far, the US world champion has already refused to participate this year because of it.

This year the world championships of chess are being held in Iran and already it’s causing some problems. Apparently, Iran is forcing all the female contestants to wear hijabs (head coverings) while they compete. Yet, some of the contestants are refusing.

Nazi Paikidze-Barnes, the US woman’s champion is refusing to partake in the competition. Can you guess why? That’s right, because of the concern over being forced to wear hijabs.

Nazi Paikidze-Barnes told CNN, “Iran has hosted chess tournaments before and women were always forced to wear a hijab. We don’t see this event being any different, forced hijab is the country’s law. If the venue of the…



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