Woman Awakened By 3-Foot Snake Slithering On Her In Bed [VIDEO]

A Tennessee woman hasn’t been sleeping in her bed since she woke up to a find 3-foot snake lying next to her.

Christine Humphries says she enjoys the quiet life and the nature surrounding her cabin, but early Friday morning, her peaceful sanctuary was rattled by fear.

Humphries was in and out of sleep during overnight storms. She says she initially felt like her arm fell asleep.

“I didn’t think nothing of it,” she said.

Humphries then slept on the couch and returned to her bed when the storms passed.

A few minutes later, she woke up, thinking the cat had touched her arm, but Humphries quickly realized something was wrong when she felt no fur.

“And when I raised my head up without moving my arm, whatever was in the bed raised…



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