WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING? Libertarian Group Pushes Liberal Climate Change Agenda

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The Niskanen Center, is a libertarian group that has gone south on climate change. Libertarians get everybody’s cast-outs. People who think boldly or contrary to the two party way often find themselves hanging out in libertarian camps. Trump and Hillary are doing a great job of exposing the rot found on both sides of the establishment aisle.

Libertarians stand to gain a whole new batch of disgruntled folks this cycle, formerly Republicans and Democrats. Living outside the walls normally is a pretty great place to be, that is most of the time.

Sometimes living dangerously outside the two party walls you find people cloaking their true agendas with libertarianism. It’s a good strategy. Take an issue like climate change. The two sides of the two party war have drawn up their battle lines long ago and they’re not about to change.

So what if you’re a republican and…



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