Wisconsin Cop Receives Scam IRS Call, So He Calls Them Back and Scams Them [VIDEO]

A scammer tried to tell Wisconsin man Kyle Roder that the IRS would arrest him Sadly for the conman, Roder is a cop who educates the elderly on scams He called the man back and got the fraudster tangled up in his own lies Roder said the scammer wouldn’t be pursued as no money was actually taken But he says cops will work with FBI and the real IRS to get back any stolen money Video – complete with Roder’s hilarious reactions – has had 3.4m views in 2 days 

A scammer who tried to rip off a Wisconsin man by pretending to be an IRS agent certainly picked the wrong target when he called Kyle Roder – a cop who specializes in telephone fraud.

Officer Roder received an urgent phone call from…



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