Will It Matter? Hillary Makes Racist Joke About Colored People

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Recently Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and New York Governor Bill De Blasio enjoyed a little humor on stage.

It looked like it was staged, planned out in advance, and all in good fun…right?

However, the reference is RACIST!

If a Republican Candidate had done this, Black Lives Matter would be getting ready for a lynching.

The two powerful Democrats missed the hypocrisy. Both of them act like they OWN blacks, or at least the “Black Vote”, so it’s not too funny when they joke about being on “CP Time”.

In case you are too white to know, “CP Time” is commonly used among black culture to mean, always running late.

Get it? If you’re late you are running on Colored People Time, because people of color are stereotypically, always late.

Even the black man sharing the stage joined in, saying:

I don’t like jokes like&helli




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