Wikileaks To Take CNN to Court For Defamation

The mainstream media has spent an incredible amount of resources attempting to create doubt regarding the legitimacy of Wikileaks.

CNN is facing a lawsuit over their depiction of Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange.

The reason being, of course, is Wikileaks’ massive cache of information leaked during the 2016 election which inevitably led to the demise of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  As revenge for the loss of their prodigal daughter, the liberally-controlled media has been hard at work attempting to make Wikileaks, and its founder Julian Assange, seem unreliable and in cahoots with America’s enemies.

In one such smear campaign, liberal powerhouse CNN took it too far, and now Assange is taking them to court.

“WikiLeaks says it intends to sue CNN after a counter-terrorism analyst for the US cable news channel labeled Julian Assange a ‘pedophile’ on air.

“In a tweet on Wednesday, the whistleblowing organization signalled its intention…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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