Why Trump Will Decertify The JCPOA Iran Nuke Deal Next Week

Next Thursday is the day. According to multiple sources, President Trump has tentatively scheduled an Iran speech on Oct. 12 in which he will announce he will not certify the JCPOA (Iran nuke deal), but he will not pull out of the deal either. The decertification will be based on his decision that the deal is not in the national security interests of the United States.

The Corker-Cardin bill passed because President Obama maneuvered around the Constitutional requirement for Senate approval of treaties by calling the JCPOA an “agreement”, requires the President shall, at least every 90 days, determine whether the President is able to certify that:

Iran is fully implementing the agreement, Iran has not committed a material breach of the agreement, Iran has not taken any action that could significantly advance its nuclear weapons program, and suspension of sanctions against Iran is appropriate and proportionate to measures taken by



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