Why Obamacare IS NOT America’s Most Critical Issue

While the wreckage of the House flame-out on Obamacare continues to litter the political landscape, we must ask, What’s next? Just what, exactly, is THE most critical issue of the day?

Hint: It’s not Obamacare. It’s not illegal immigration. It’s not foreign policy, sanctuary cities or guns. Supreme Court nominees. Deficit spending. Race relations or tax reform. Those issues matter. But they’re not THE seminal issue of the day.

The seminal issue of the day is the sanctity of human life.

Why? Because the sanctity of human life is ground zero. Because this issue is unlike any other. Because the sanctity of life/abortion debate ties in worldview, the proper role of government, and who we are as a nation like nothing else.

At its core, the sanctity of life/abortion debate isn’t about…



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