Why Dubai Has $13 Billion Empty Man-Made Islands

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Welcome to the World Islands, perhaps the most expensive piece of failed architecture in history.

Dubai is a land full of technology, innovation and – in the case of the World Islands – severe disappointment.

Not long ago, these islands were the talk of the town. Nothing quite like them had ever been constructed, so it’s no wonder that they wound up as the poster-child for nearly every tourism advertisement imaginable.

But after the city funneled a staggering $14 billion into their development, the iconic landmark sat forgotten and abandoned, slowly being overrun by Mother Nature.

So, what happened? Where’d it all go wrong? And is there any hope left for this Dubai icon? Let’s find out.

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00:00 Intro
00:42 The conceptualization of the islands
01:51 Physically constructing the islands
02:39 Cost of 14 billion to build
03:42 The failed aesthetic
04:28 Additional reasons for failure (Why they’re empty)
05:53 Since the outset, only 9 islands have been built-up
06:12 Hope is not lost
06:55 Dubai’s latest innovations are eclipsing the world islands anyway”

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