‘Why Do You Lock Your Doors?’: Tucker Battles Jorge Ramos On ‘Racist’ Border Wall

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said President Trump’s planned wall on the Mexican border is both racist and an affront to all Latinos.

Tucker Carlson debated Ramos on the topic, asking him why he locks his doors at night if he is against America having a proverbial door at its property line.

“That wall is not going to do anything to stop immigration,” Ramos said, adding that 45 percent of illegal immigrants come from visa overstays or on airplanes.

“Walls work in other countries like Israel,” Carlson said, asking if Ramos’ true fear is that the wall would be too successful.

Ramos said America is not at war with Mexico and echoed the country’s former president, Vicente Fox, who said our southern neighbor would not contribute a “cent” to the wall.

Carlson asked if Ramos was consistent in his views, and left his home’s doors unlocked. Ramos said he did&hell





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