Why Do We Need A Congress?

Why do we need a congress, senate, or president when one federal judge can overturn the will of the people? No one in their right mind wants Muslim refugees pouring into the country. Well, maybe Whoopi Goldberg, and the cheering audience on “The View,” but news flash! The REST of the country got over our national PMS on November 8th. I guess the news hasn’t filtered out to California yet.

Back in the day if ONE American were killed by a foreigner we’d have bombed the host nation back into the Stone Age, which isn’t hard when you look at the condition of Syria, Iran, etc. Somehow over time we went from that to the foremost proponent of women’s rights, Hillary, donning a head scarf so as not to offend King Ali Babba from WhereEverStan! You remember her. You know. Her husband pain particular attention to women the…



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