Why Are Contact Lenses So Hard To Get? Gov’t Collusion That’s Why!

A COMMENTARY by Steve Sherman

If you have perfect vision, stop what you’re doing right now, call your mom, and thank her for the good genes that made you a 20/20 miracle. If you have less than perfect vision, you know how much it stinks. Glasses are fine. Many have cool trendy looks, but it’s just not the same as wearing nothing, especially if you’re active.

Contacts are good. They fix your vision and you can participate easily in most activities. It’s still a pain; you could be playing basketball and simply rub your eye wrong, and half of your world goes fuzzy. The prepared person always has an extra pair or two of contacts, stashed away somewhere for just such an occasion. If you don’t have an extra, you’ll walk around wishing you had a pirate patch, cursing your friends who have perfect vision and your parents’ horrible genetics.





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