Who Runs The World…Girls?

Who Runs The World…Girls? (Image: MGN)

Hillary met with Elizabeth Warren in Washington, it looks like the probability of an all-female ticket may be in our distant future. The meeting came only one day after the Massachusetts senator threw her backing behind Hillary. Warren has already been the attack dog for the Democratic party, aiming her gnashing teeth at the Republican Nominee Donald Trump. Trump said that he hopes Hillary does pick “goofy Elizabeth Warren” as her running mate.

Hillary Clinton huddled with liberal icon Elizabeth Warren in Washington Friday morning, stoking already-burning speculation about the possibility of an all-female Democratic ticket – and one pulled markedly to the left.

The Massachusetts senator, who at one time was under pressure from progressive groups to run herself, met with the now-presumptive nominee at her Washington, D.C., home.

The meeting comes after Warren on Thursday threw her support behind Clinton, following President…



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