Who is Antifa? The Angry Youth? Anarchists Determined to Burn it All Down or Closet Capitalists

If you do a little online research into just, Who is Antifa? It’s both disturbing and hilarious.

You will find a combination of anger, outrage, and violence seeking an outlet. All that pent up rage spreads itself around targeting virtually everyone.

The violence they worship is a sickness. They see violent protest as a means to an end, but no one seems to really knows what that end is.

What will burning cop cars, marching, rioting, tossing urine on people really do? As in, what will it accomplish?

What would be satisfying to the general Antifa anarchist that would make him/her lay down their cup of piss?

No one seems to know. Simply burn it all down seems to be the underlying theme.

I guess anarchists really are equal opportunity haters.


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This image from their website seems pretty



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