Who Holds The Power In America?

The Government Comes Up With The Worst Excuses (Image: MGN)

A new report is out that says that the $400 million “ransom” money that was given to Iran wasn’t handed over until the hostages were secured.

The thing that amazes me is that they think that makes it okay. Really? What did they think we would say as the American people? “Oh…you waited till they were safe? Oh, that makes it okay then.” America does not negotiate with terrorists. That has always been our motto and it will continue to be so.

What makes it the worst of all is the fact that our government was spending tax payers dollars. Listen, I’m all for saving hostages, in fact, I think that we should protect the people who have gone off and fought or worked to protect our country. I truly believe that. Just don’t lie about it. We know what…



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