Where Is The Support? GOP Split On Trump Is Disgusting

The rest of the GOP primary field has come around, some enthusiastically – others, with considerable prodding and months after the race ended. Cruz stunned the GOP convention crowd by withholding an endorsement of Trump during his Cleveland address.

Donald Trump took considerable heat when, during the first Republican primary debate in August 2015, he initially declined to pledge support for the party’s eventual presidential nominee.

But now that Trump is that nominee, his former primary foes are the ones who have split on honoring the pledge.

While several ex-rivals now are unabashedly Team Trump – and others have reluctantly backed him as the better of the two major-party candidates – a couple of GOP primary contenders still refuse to endorse the nominee.

The holdouts are:

John Kasich

The Ohio governor is the most defiant anti-Trump politician who was at that initial debate.

The governor has been at odds…



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