What’s THIS? Congress Has Paid Out $15 Million from ‘Sexual Harassment Slush Fund’ to ‘Quiet’ Victims!

Talk about HYPOCRITES! How can members of Congress stand in front of the press and TV cameras and on one hand say ‘Roy Moore should resign we don’t need that kind of behavior in Congress.’, but on the other hand have a slush fund for sexual harassment that has paid out over $15 million to quiet victims? How insane is that?! That’s about as insane as mandating everyone in America buy Obamacare EXCEPT them!

Here’s the report as told by Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ “Laura Ingraham’s the Angle”:

Congress is spending YOUR money to cover up sexual harassment.

“…But first our top story, pulling back the curtain, sexual harassment inside the halls of Congress and how you’re paying for the secret settlements. Sexual misconduct scandals have engulfed Hollywood, media, and now politics with the Roy Moore revelations.

“But did you know that you’ve been funding payoffs for congressional



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