What’s the Truth About Steve Bannon?

The demonization of Stephen K. Bannon from all angles as soon as he was named Trump’s chief strategist was unlike anything I can recall. It was even worse than what the media said about Trump throughout his campaign, which immediately made me wonder — is this guy really as horrible as they say?

If I, someone who reads news constantly, can’t be sure what to make of Bannon, how is it possible that millions of Americans on Twitter and Facebook could be so sure he’s a “white nationalist” and anti-Semite? The simple answer is that the media told them so, which is extremely dangerous. As such, I decided to start reading as much as I could about Bannon.

Unlike 90% of these overnight Steve Bannon experts, I had already read the lengthy 2015 Bloomberg article on him, This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America. I remember finding it so interesting that…



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