What’s the big deal about Israel’s 70th anniversary?

WASHINGTON – A new documentary about Israel’s 70th anniversary this spring, produced by an Arab-American Christian and an American messianic Jewish rabbi, makes the case this event is so significant that it touches everything we see, everyone we know, everything we can’t see and everyone we don’t know.

In other words, it impacts EVERYTHING.

That’s quite a claim.

Yet, here’s what Joseph Farah, founder of WND.com and the aforementioned Arab-American Christian producer, explains in “70 YEARS: Israel’s Prophetic Past, Present and Future.”

“Israel is not just another nation in the world,” he says. “It’s not just the only Jewish state. It’s not just a unique people group with a long history going back thousands of years of triumph and tragedy, peace and persecution, status and statelessness. This movie makes the point that the history of Israel and its rebirth as a nation 70 years ago is evidence it is



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