What you need to know about the ‘Jayden K Smith’ Facebook message

Faceless hooded person using mobile phone, technology crime concept.

Did you get a message warning to not accept friend requests from someone named Jayden K Smith? The Telegraph reports that the message is a hoax. Well meaning users are sharing the warning but there is no evidence of hacking. The issues is that you can’t break into someone’s account by simply becoming their friend.

The message looks like this: “Please tell all the contacts in your messenger list not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. He is a hacker and has the system connected to your Facebook account. If one of your contacts accepts it, you will also be hacked, so make sure that all your friends know it. Thanks. ”

Mass friend requests are flagged by Facebook as spam. So it is unlikely that anyone using a single account would use this as a method to hack millions…



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