What You Missed This Weekend: Labor Day Edition

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, so let us fill you in on all the things you missed while you were out there not missing work.

Zika Is Killing America’s Bee Business

America’s beekeepers fear for their livelihood after they found over 2.5 million dead bees in South Carolina. The bees died from a neurotoxin that is being sprayed from planes in an attempt to combat mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

Around the US, bees and other pollinators contribute an estimated $29 billion to farm income. These pesticides have already proven to be an expensive solution to Zika that has put several beekeepers out of business.

Oklahoma Was Hit By An Earthquake

On Saturday, Oklahoma was hit by a 5.6 earthquake just outside the town of Pawnee. The earthquake didn’t appear to do too much damage, but it was tied for the strongest ever reported in Oklahoma and was felt…



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