What is Spiral Dynamics and Why Have I Become So Interested in It?

In order to understand today’s post, you should make sure to read yesterday’s piece: Lost in the Political Wilderness. That article zeroed in on why I feel completely isolated from the current political dialogue, and expressed that those of you who feel similarly should resist the urge to be pulled into any of the ascendant tribes vying for dominance. If none of the currently popular political ideologies resonate with you, this doesn’t mean you’re the problem. Perhaps you’re just a member of a sane minority being relentlessly bombarded by divisive nonsense with the intent of bringing your consciousness down to a lower level where it is more easily manipulated. Don’t let this happen.

Yesterday’s post touched upon the evolutionary human development model known as Spiral Dynamics. I’m just getting up to speed on the concept so bear with me. I was initiated into the model via a 2000 article by one of the more prominent…



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