What In Your Pocket is Giving You A Dangerous Dose of Radiation?!

A newly released study shows that the radiation created by your cell phone could be causing a health risk.

The threats of international terrorism, liberal rioting, and out of control governmental agencies may no longer be the most prevalent worry that Americans face these days…at least according to newly released data regarding cellular telephones and the radiation they create.

“After keeping it hidden for years, California’s Department of Public Health has released a draft document outlining health officials’ concerns about cellphone radiation exposure.

“The previously unpublished document was released this week after a judge indicated she would order the documents be disclosed in the case Moskowitz v. CDPH.

“Among the information in the document, which is titled simply, Cell Phones and Health, are summaries of scientific studies that suggest long-term cellphone use may increase the risk of brain cancer, among other health problems.

“The draft fact sheet states that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs), a type…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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