What if Donald Trump was a Woman? (Video)

A gender debate by two professors at NYU, Maria Guadalupe and Joe Salvatore, tried to demonstrate the alleged “bias” that people claimed Hillary Clinton faced during the election against Donald Trump.

In the video below, they reenacted a debate and their results were quite interesting:

Students liked Clinton even less as a man, and liked Trump even more as a woman! Go figure!

[embedded content]

Trump’s level of confidence, coming from a woman, is seen as much more endearing and respectable. I wonder why that is.

“When she [the female version of Trump] was attacking, I had so much respect for her and her level of confidence,” a different female audience member told The New York Times.

Salvatore explained this as as it being easier for people to hear, because it came from a woman, rather than a man. Perhaps because women are generally seen as more nurturing?

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