What Americans Fear Most

Americans Make Their Voices Heard (Image: MGN)

Earlier this month 803 registered voters were given a survey. The survey asked a simple question, which of the following makes you feel the most threatened? They were given six different choices. Those choices were Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Islamic State, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and finally Illegal Mexican Immigrants.

Easy enough question right? The answer is obviously Hillary Clinton…that’s not what they thought, however.

61 percent of the 803 voters surveyed said that they feel their life is personally threatened by the Islamic State. 54 percent of those surveyed said, Donald Trump. Approximately 43 percent said that they are equally scared of Hillary Clinton and the Republican Party. 39 percent say that they are scared of the Democratic Party and 28 percent said they were scared of Illegal Mexican Immigrants.

Interesting outcome, isn’t it?

Here’s my problem with surveys, polls,…



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