WH Aide Omarosa Has Tense Exchange at Black Journalist Convention

It only took a few minutes for the appearance onstage of White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman at the convention of the National Association of Black Journalists to get tense, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Manigault-Newman got into a heated exchange with Ed Gordon, panel moderator and host of BET’s “Weekly.” It began when the name of President Donald Trump was mentioned.

“If you want to talk about Donald Trump, have a problem with Donald Trump,” Manigault-Newman said. “I’m not going to stand here and defend every single word and decision.”

“No, I’m asking you about Donald Trump,” Gordon said. “I’m not going to let you railroad this.”

The panel was focusing on police brutality and family members of black men killed by police. Manigault-Newman, a former reality star on Trump’s TV show “The Apprentice,” began by telling the story of the loss of her father and brother to violence in



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