We’re Screwed With Either One Of Them


Three out of four Americans feel frustrated by this election. Last night was the lowest moment in debate history. There is no reason to have any hope.

NEW YORK (AP) — Enough, already.

In a campaign in which the size of a candidate’s genitalia has been publicly discussed, in a week in which shockingly sexual video has been unearthed and after a debate in which the leading contenders for the White House exposed new depths of down-and-dirty exchanges, some voters are ready to deny either major-party candidate their support.

“We’re screwed with either one of them,” said Sally Stevens, 63, of New Orleans.

Stevens tried to keep herself from tuning into Sunday night’s debate. “I completely lose hope and my anxiety level goes through the roof,” she said. But she relented after about a half-hour, saying it was like attempting not to look when you drive by a car wreck.…



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