Wells Fargo Caught Stealing Cars From Deployed Servicemen

Wells Fargo Targets Military Personnel (Image: MGN)

Wells Fargo has done it again but this time, they’ve done it to service members. Apparently, the bank has been illegally repossessing service members vehicles. The company must now pay up to $24 million in retributions. They are also being fined $4.1 million by the Justice Department. As well as, $20 million by the OCC.

Just when you thought that Wells Fargo had learned its lesson, they go and do something illegal again. After illegally opening millions of bank accounts and hundreds of thousands of credit cards, you’d think they’d be on their best behavior. Yet, apparently, that’s not the case.

The bank is now being forced to pay $24 million to settle the newest allegations against them. What are they, you ask? Wells Fargo is being accused of mistreating Military service members by repossessing their vehicles.

Not only is the bank paying…



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