Weird Zombie Like Attack Leaves Two Dead In Florida

Hannibal Lecter Eats A Man In Florida (Image: MGN)

A man was arrested after murdering two people in their home, and eating the face of one of the victims. It took every officer at the scene and a stun gun to remove the man from the victim. The police are assuming that the attacker was on Flakka at the time of the attack. Flakka is a synthetic drug that resembles the characteristics of bath salts.

When you think of Florida you think of beaches, spring break, boats, and out of style boat shoes. The last thing you would imagine is a gruesome murder scene. Well, yesterday Martin County, Florida fell victim to a murder scene that came right out of “The Silence Of The Lambs.”

Monday evening sheriff’s deputies of Martin County, Florida received a call from a man who said he had been stabbed while trying to break up…



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