We Called It A Year Ago, Socialism Never Works!

We Called It A Year Ago, Socialism Never Works! (Image: MGN)

A story came out in April of 2015 about a CEO of a company paying every employee a $70,000 salary. That’s right, every employee. From the executives, down to the lowliest workers, everyone got a $70,000 yearly salary.

For the people on the lower end of that spectrum, I’m sure they were thrilled. Getting paid a well above average yearly salary, for doing low-level work sounds good to me. Yet, the people at the top of that spectrum didn’t share their enthusiasm. 

In August of 2015, we wrote about the story, stating how Socialism doesn’t work. It can’t. You can’t expect executives who are working harder than anyone else in the company to be okay with making the same salary as the low-level employees. It just doesn’t work that way.

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