Watch This 82 Year-Old Man Go After Liberal Snowflakes Who Protested In Ivanka’s Neighborhood [VIDEO]

Hundreds of queers and questionables invaded Ivanka Trump’s DC neighborhood to protest climate change and her soft stance on LGBT issues. What’s hilarious is that Ivanka Trump wasn’t even home. There was a massive gay dance party in front of her house, but she wasn’t even there to get the message the protesters brought with them.

Instead, some other neighbors got pissed off and took to the streets to let people know how they felt. An 82-year-old man brought the old-school tricks out of the bag and threatened to punch a protester in the face. Slight mistake as he didn’t realize the man was NOT a protester. But that’s OK, any time an unexpected crowd disturbs the peace like this, then maybe a few of them should be punched in the face…



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