WATCH Media Parrot Democrats Word for Word Talking Points About Devin Nunes

When you’re basically a tool it’s pretty hard to develop an original thought, especially if you’re a tool of the political left. And such is the case with CNN and MSNBC using Schiff’s exact wording to describe the Nunes memo and how it was “cherry-picked” information.

It may seem trivial but it just goes to show you who these so-called unbias mainstream media outlets are really pulling for.

Think about it, they’ve tried every angle at least with words, that they can think of to try and detour the accomplishments of the Trump administration while attempting to distract you from the corruption of the those they truly, fully, support.

And something as trivial as “cherry-picked” wording goes to show you that, at least in my opinion, the MSM is having trouble holding on to the reins of the American people.

As Written and Reported By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

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