Watch As Meghan McCain Tries To Explain Guns To Women of ‘The View’

[VIDEO] Conservative co-host and token liberal on The View, Meghan McCain had a hopeless and thankless task for herself today. The subject was to be the banning of semiautomatic weapons. Unfortunately, Ms. McCain tried to introduce logic into the discussion. That did not get very far. All the leftist rebuttals, as you can see, were from the emotional side of the arguments

As Written and Reported By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

ABC’s ‘The View’ tackled the Florida school shooting on Thursday and cohost Meghan McCain tried really hard to explain the differences between guns to her cohosts.

The hosts insisted that something needed to be done about the shooting and threw out various proposed policies like banning bump stocks or getting rid of AR-15s. Whoopi Goldberg and McCain got into one heated exchange about whether McCain and the NRA hold the same positions on guns.

McCain tried to inject some expertise



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