Washington’s Financial Support Of The LAF DIRECTLY Aids Iran: Hizballah, Iran’s Proxy, Controls Lebanon’s Army! What’s Going On?

(Demonstrably, Lebanese & Hizballah flags fly alongside each other in battle formation!)

JUST as one cannot place lipstick on a pig and expect it to be prettified, nor can its foul stench be expunged via deodorant – thus, separating a pig from its sh-t – similarly, one cannot decouple the LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces) from Hizballah, Iran’s satrapy. Its proxy pawn.  

NOW, once it is understood that the LAF, for all intents and purposes, is controlled by Hizballah (which is, in turn, an arm of Iran, whose very birth in 1983 spawned from the Mullahrocracy’s material and spiritual backing), it should be inconceivable for the U.S. to continue to arm its forces! Ya Think?

IN other words, what kind of convoluted “strategic” thinking could convince Washington’s power brokers that it is in the U.S. national interest to pretend that what is isn’t – feigning, this or that figurehead atop Lebanon (once



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