Was COVID-19 Research an INTELLIGENCE Operation?!

For years, Glenn has been exposing the things that didn’t add up about COVID-19: If it DIDN’T come from a lab, why is there so much evidence pointing to a coverup? Why was Dr. Fauci so insistent that anyone who mentioned gain-of-function research — including Senator Rand Paul — was a liar? Well, BlazeTV host and “Free The People” president Matt Kibbe did a deep dive into the latest evidence that FAUCI was the liar, and what he found was shocking. He lays out the truth in his new docuseries, “The Coverup,” available NOW for BlazeTV subscribers. And he joins Glenn to review some of the most shocking revelations, including why he believes we’ve been looking in the wrong places: Those who facilitated the coverup didn’t work for the NIH or CDC. They worked for the DHS, FBI, and Intelligence Community…

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