WAR ON SCIENCE: Univ. of Iowa Issues ‘Pronoun’ Guidelines for Incoming Students

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Political Correctness strikes again!

As a graduate of the University of Iowa, this is embarrassing.

Mr. Miss, Mz. and Mrs. are so old school they aren’t even worth mentioning. As a nation we must be more inclusive. We must allow students to use pronouns to describe who they really are.

Especially, if your name is “Pat”…these pronouns will really come in handy. It would be horrible if you hid all the normal cues as to what your gender was and then someone mislabeled you…the horror!

Never fear! The college elites are here to help.

Good job University of Iowa! It’s not like we don’t have some massive problems in the world…good thing you solved the identity problem with “pronouns”.

From Iowa Campus Reform:

Starting this fall, students at University of Iowa will be able to include their preferred names and gender programs in their school records.




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