War on Police Taking Its Toll on Officers


An unfortunate side effect of the last 8 liberal years of leadership in this great nation, has been the ever-harshening war on police.

The brave men and women in blue have had a rough year protecting and serving the American people.

The capitulation of terror-inspired groups such as Black Lives Matter has made the job of policing our nation much more dangerous and difficult than it ever has been.  Police have become targets in modern America – a true shame on this country, and a reality that many officers of the law are finally speaking out about.

“The public outcry over high-profile police shootings of black Americans, coupled with a recent uptick in fatal shootings of police, has left the majority of officers feeling more concerned for their personal safety and more reluctant to carry out some of their duties, according to the report, titled ‘Behind the Badge.’

“’The fact that these…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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