Want to See the Crap We Get Everyday Just For Exercising the Right to Free Speech?

No one advocates for freedom of speech more than we do here at Joe For America. Yes, we are right leaning, conservatives – but don’t you dare call us Republicans – that crosses the line! Free Speech is our living.

In all seriousness, it’s pretty obvious that the Left, the Collectivists, the Democrats, the Liberals, the Maoist wanna-be’s, whatever you want to call them are against the #1 line item in the Bill of Rights and that is the Right to express yourself in America.

In fact, those of us with critical thinking ability know the reason liberals and Marxists are against the Second Amendment – is because it guarantees our First Amendment.

hey even a broken clock is right sometimes…

Get rid of the Second Amendment and you can just take the other ones with noooo problem. But I digress. Back to Free Speech: Of course if you hate everyone



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