Video: Nurses Laugh While WWII Veteran Dies

As a United States Air Force veteran, I’ve never viewed myself as a person that demands higher respect than anyone else but due to the on-going mistreatment of veterans at VA Hospitals and the latest, where a decorated World War II veteran is seen dying while nurses are laughing, has me thinking differently these days.

In Woodstock, Georgia, 89-year-old James Dempsey, a decorated World War II veteran is seen gasping for air as he lay dying and unknown to the nurses, a hidden camera caught them laughing as if it was no big deal. reports:

Two nurses lost their licenses after a television station persuaded courts to unseal a video secretly recorded by the family of a man who died in their care.

The video shows the World War II veteran repeatedly calling for help, saying he can’t breathe. It also shows the nurses failing to take life-saving



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