[Video] Liberals SLAM Trump’s sons for killing a dinosaur (no… really!)

Recently, liberals on a San Diego boardwalk fell hook, line, and sinker to a fake story about first sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trip killing dinosaurs on a hunting trip.

YouTube personality Mike Dice interviewed leftists on their feelings toward the president’s sons killing these ‘endangered’ animals… and their reactions are priceless.

Democrats hate the Trump family so much that they easily fell for the story — that is completely fake.

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Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, right?

Well, somebody needs to inform these ignorant fools. Take a look —

“You might have seen the Trump kids are big hunters. They go on hunting trips just for fun and kill all these poor animals. So now I’m just getting people’s reactions to Donald Trump’s kids killing Triceratops in Africa on a hunting expedition,” explained

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