VIDEO: C-List “Stars” Attempt to Block Trump’s Presidency


Liberal Hollywood has been notoriously involved in the 2016 election from the get-go, with celebrities vehemently opposed to the election of Donald Trump.

Now that the American people have spoken, and loudly selected the conservative values of Donald Trump to lead our great nation in prosperity once again, those same Tinsel Town turncoats are turning up the volume on their own protests of the President-Elect Donald Trump.

In the video below you can witness several B to D grade Hollywood “celebrities” imploring our United States Congress to block the agenda of our soon-to-be 45th president, effectively segregating themselves from the America that voted him into office, and rejected the corrupt, Washington elitist Hillary Clinton.

Be warned; it’s a little pathetic to watch, and you probably won’t recognize all that many of these “stars”.

Andrew West

Andrew West

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