Video: Berkeley students flip off U.S. flag, praise ISIS flag

In a video posted to YouTube last Thursday by Ami Horowitz, students at the University of California at Berkeley flipped off the U.S. flag and expressed hatred of the United States while praising ISIS.

“I went back to UC Berkeley to conduct another little social experiment,” Horowitz wrote in the YouTube video description. “The results were shocking. Be afraid. Be very afraid,” he added.


“I love America,” Horowitz declares while waving the flag.  “This country stands for freedom.”

Pointing to students, he asked, “Greatest country in the world, right?

Students, however, disagreed.

“The opposite,” one student said.  “The complete opposite.”

“The one imperial power in the world right now,” another student said.

“It signifies military rule,” said an older man who was not identified, but could have been a teacher at the school.

“God is not proud of us,” said another student.

“F**k America,” one student declared.




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