Veterans Choice Program Facing Funding Short-fall Again

The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014, which directed the establishment of a new program to help veterans who need health care services or treatment for  unreasonably delay times or if a VA medical facility is too far from a Veteran’s home is running into funding issues once again.

The funding was extended twice in 2017, in April and latest in August when Congress added $2.1 billion to the program but now, the program funding is expected to run out again in January 2018.

Air Force Times reports:

The controversial Veterans Affairs health program is just weeks away from running out of money and disrupting care for thousands of patients.

And, for the second time over that span, lawmakers hoping for sweeping changes to VA health operations are scrambling to balance their long-term solutions with a short-term funding headache.

At issue is the Veterans Choice Program, which



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